About Us

The two hands wear white gloves apply square of white bandage to a knee of a person

At Desert Bloom Medical, our goal is to lead the way in primary health services for the healthcare sector by providing integrative, holistic, and interdisciplinary care and treatments that promote health and wellness. Serving the community and helping those with medical health issues is Desert Bloom Medical's top priority. To that end, we make sure that everyone who visits our clinic is treated fairly and equally.

We are confident that we can reach our objectives for a better mental and physical state with the help of our skilled and compassionate professionals.

Our goal is to supply the highest quality amniotic tissue allografts available, sourced from the best tissue banks and manufacturers. We firmly think that we can improve patient outcomes and healthcare professionals' jobs by providing superior products and unmatched support. We are honored that you have selected us as your patient care partner.


Our Mission

Our mission at Desert Bloom Medical is to become a leader in the healthcare industry for Primary Healthcare Services through Integrative, Holistic/Interdisciplinary Care & Treatments towards Health and Wellness.


Our Goal

We believe that with the support of our caring and experienced professionals we can achieve goals to a healthier mental and physical state.